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This is something I have experience with, as I have Spatial Sequence Synesthesia. This means two things, firstly every number has a colour, or is made from several colours, and secondly that every number, date or time has a point “in space”. The last part there is in “” as that’s the best way of wording it. For example, negative numbers “feel” as if they’re behind me, and on both sides of the number line the numbers stop moving away, but instead move up when I reach about 20.

Here’s a list of numbers (0-9) and the associated colours:

0 either black or light grey; 1 grey; 2 orange(ish); 3 blue; 4 yellow; 5 red; 6 green; 7 brown; 8 dark red; 9 either white or translucent. This means that the number 48 for me appears as a combination of yellow and dark red.

Another phenomenon that I experience is that all numbers have their own shapes. This means that if I were to add 15 and 7 for example, the 7 is placed on top of the 15 and the new number passes over a line by 2, making 22.

The best way to describe the shape for most numbers is to explain how “empty” it is. By this I would say the number 9 is almost full, as it is “missing” 1, whereas the number 6 is empty as it is “missing” 4. The number 64 is very empty, as it is “missing” 6, and 36.10, 100, 1000 etc are all full, and for some reason so is 5, 50 , 500 although they can still be interpreted as “missing” 5, 50 500.

Now, this is just my experience. Synesthetes experience the colour of numbers differently, and also the location of the numbers and dates in “space”. There are also many other different types of synesthesia, but I have only focused on the types that I have experience with, here’s a link to some of the other types:

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