Pi Day!

Hello fellow maths nerds!

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Yesterday was a once in a lifetime experience. if you do not know why, allow me to explain. At one point, yesterdays date read as: 3 14 15 9:26: 53, which is Pi. Being a very nerdy person myself, I love irrational numbers, so much so that I have memorised more than 40 decimal places of it. It’s strange how that’s almost a right of passage for any nerd… huh.

Anyway, Pi is a number that has long fascinated mathematicians, and currently we have managed to calculate it to over 13 trillion decimal places. I’d be impressed if anyone could recite that much of it! Pi is classified under a group of numbers called “irrationals”, what this basically means is that the number cannot be expressed as a fraction. You may have heard that 22/7 is Pi, but actually it is very far from it. 22/7 is only accurate for 2 decimal places as it equals 3.14285714286. You can get surprisingly accurate with this method, for example 355/113 is 3.14159292035, so this is correct for 6 decimal places. As you would expect, the larger the numbers in your fraction, the more accurate the result is going to be.

Pi is a very useful number. As you all know it is used when working with circles, and is usually one of the first irrational and useful numbers we are ever taught. Some people, however, prefer the use of Tau. Tau is essentially 2Pi, but there are huge arguments for why Tau is better.

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