Year in Space!

Hello fellow space nerds!

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Two Astronauts have recently been launched to the ISS via a Soyuz capsule so the effects of living in space can be studied. Scott Kelly and Mikhali Kornienko are going to spend a full year on board the ISS in order to expand our knowledge of how long duration space flights can affect the human body.

This will be the longest continuous stay that anyone has ever had on board the ISS. It will not, however, be the longest time that anyone has spent tin space. Many years ago the Russian space program had a space station named Mir and some of the Cosmonauts on board  stayed in space for over a year. Although back then only few experiments were done on the Cosmonauts which gave us little insight into what effects this had on the body.

From the ISS, over the duration of a year, the Astronauts will see roughly 5,658 sunrises and sunsets. Sunsets in Space are said to be one of the most beautiful things you can witness, as the light filters through the different layers of the Earths atmosphere. This creates an absolutely stunning effect, as seen here.

Sunset From ISS

Well, I bet you feel jealous now. They will experience this beauty around 2,800 times, and honestly? I wish I could join them.

Best of luck to Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko for their epic adventure, and hopefully this will lead to great advances for Mars missions to come.

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-The SpaceBunker team.


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