Another Universe?

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A recent discovery has baffled astronomers and physicists alike, and has the potential to completely change our perception of the universe. The feature that has us all so confused is a cold spot in the CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation). The cold spot was first identified by NASAs WMAP satellite mission, which mapped the sky for tiny variations in the background temperature. However the findings were dismissed as an error from the instruments on board. Two years ago, the Planck satellite also detected this cold spot, which told the scientists that the findings were valid and were not an instrumental error. The spot covers about 10 degrees of the sky, and if the findings were confirmed then it would prove to be the largest structure in the known universe.

There are many theories as to what the cold spot may indicate, but the most intriguing says that it is the result of another universe invading our space. Some of the more rational explanations, however, are that the significant change in temperature is due to a void in space between ourselves and the edge of our universe. The void would alter the properties of the CMBR because of the Sachs-Wolfe effect. The effect gravitationally red shifts photons from the CMBR, making it seem uneven, and if there is a large area where this occurs then it may explain what we are seeing.

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