International Moon Base?

Hello fellow space nerds!

As you may have heard, the European Space Agency is getting a new manager. Johann-Dietrich Wörner is scheduled to take office on the 1st of July, and he has already made headlines with his ambitious plans. He has stated his desire for a International Moon base to be constructed on the far side of the Moon. He has expressed how he feels that “It seems to be appropriate to propose a permanent Moon station as the successor of ISS”

There are many benefits to establishing a permanent Moon colony, the first and most important (to myself) being that the outpost would act as a stepping stone to, possibly, manned deep space exploration. The base could be used for refueling space craft as the leave Earths SOI (sphere of influence) to provide them with extra Δv (pronounced Delta Vee, this measures a change in velocity) so they can reach bodies which are further away. Also, there is a grand opportunity for the astronauts to perform experiments on plants, animal, fluids in a low gravity, high radiation environment. Both of these could potentially launch humans into colonising space, and the other planets in our solar system.

if you want to read up some more on the European Space Agency, and this announcement, click here.

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